Home Inspection Services

Our Promise

 Ridgeline Home Inspection Services pays special attention to detail during your property inspection process and promises to examine every element of your home as if we were making the purchase. You are a priority to us and, as a priority, we will be sure to provide you with safety and welfare of your home through our inspection report. 

How Ridgeline Can Help

Survey the property condition
Identify any major concerns
Consider any possible repairs or upgrades
Help you understand how your home works

Give you peace of mind and confidence

about your investment


Your Property Inspection Report

is a snapshot in time. 

Ridgeline Home Inspection Services recommends that you and/or your representative complete a final walk-through inspection immediately before closing to check the condition of the property, using our detailed report as a guide. 

What Happens After the Property Inspection?

 We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest decisions you'll make. Once the Inspection is complete, please carefully read your entire report. Should you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask. Inspected properties do not "Pass" or "Fail". Your report is based on an inspection of the structures visible portion; they can be limited by vegetation or possessions. Depending upon the age of the property, some items like GFI outlets may not be installed. Ridgeline Home Inspection Services will focus on the safety and function, not current code. Specific non-code, non-cosmetic concerns will be identified if further investigation or repair may be needed. For your safety and liability purposes, we recommend that only licensed contractors evaluate and repair any critical concerns or defects 

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